Taiwan Wind Turbine Industry Association (TWTIA) was officially founded on Apr. 2012 for the purpose of facilitating the development of wind power industry in Taiwan.It is a lawful non-for-profit organization. Its purpose is to combine personnel from industry, academia and research institutions and personnel together to promote wind power industry development strategy, to provide information and technical exchanges, to actively promote industrial vertical and horizontal integration, and thus to enhance wind-power industry in Taiwan and its ability to compete with the rest of the world.


  • To serve as an information exchange platform for member manufacturers for sharing key components of the wind power industry, system design, assembly, testing, validation, policies, and regulations, in order to promote domestic and international technology matchmaking, and to accelerate the building of domestic wind power industry chain;
  • To integrate member firms, research and development units, as well as academic institutions, in order to plan and promote local wind power industry flagship project, and to develop the market for domestic wind power industry;
  • To assist member firms to apply for government grants for business innovation research, and product/technology development program;
  • To be the conduit between member firms and the government, and to advise the government on behalf of the members to foster domestic development of wind power industry and a desirable environment for higher policy auxiliary demand;
  • To provide technological and product marketing matchmaking services for wind power industry;
  • To integrate the resources from member firms, to strive for wind power at home and abroad fairs, and for a jointly marketing the international market.